Team Manager Responsibilities’
Maintain Contact Info for Each Player
Maintain the Team Roster
Bring Proper Supplies to each Game
Maintain Communication with Team Parents

Each competitive soccer team is required to have team manager. The coach and team manager are responsible for ensuring that the proper paperwork is collect in a timely fashion and that someone from the team attends the monthly team meeting.


The following list is the responsibilities that must be taken care of for each competitive team.


A. Maintain Contact Info for Each Player

  • Collect every player’s name, address, birth date, player number, and phone numbers is required. It is also very helpful to collect their parents’ names and contact phone numbers.
  • This information should be put into an organized list and shared with other team members – this permits car-pooling and telephone trees to be established more easily.
  • This information along with a recent photo of each player must be collected and a copy of a player’s birth certificate is required to create a CDYSL pass. This pass is checked by the referee at a tournament and during outdoor games.


B. Maintain the Team Roster
  • Ensure that the team roster is accurate and up-to-date prior to the start of each session. It is very difficult for changes to be made later. Please make every effort to get information early.
  • Inform the club registrar if there is a change in the roster prior to the start of session. It is very difficult to make changes later. Please make every effort to do this prior to the start of a session.
  • Review roster early in season and let registrar know if there is any duplication of player numbers so another number may be assigned. A number should be unique to a player in any age group, not just unique to the team.
  • No player not listed on a team roster may play in a game.
  • Be sure a certified copy of the roster is available for the referee at each game. In the outdoor season, this is particularly important. Without the proper documentation, a referee will deny a player the right to play on the field, or may cancel a game. The club must pay a penalty fee if this occurs.


C.  Bring Proper Supplies to each Game
  • The team manager is responsible for bringing the money to pay the referee to each game. The club will provide the money to each manager at the start of the outdoor season.
  • The team manager and coach must have an up-to-date roster with complete contact info at each game/practice. This info is very valuable if a player is injured and a parent is not present.
  • CDYSL passes for each player must be ready to present to game officials at each game.
  • A game ball must be available

  • It is helpful to have information about the date and location of the next game and/or practice available to share with parents.

  • The Coach or team manager must bring a first aid kit to each game. The club will provide each coach with a first aid kit.


D. Maintain Communication with Team Parents

  • Team manager is responsible, along with the coach, to notify every player who tried out if the player made the team, or not, and when to begin practice.
  • Team manager is responsible for calling all parents to notify them of a change in game or practice schedule. Some teams find a phone tree works, others set up email lists, but at all times it is the team manager’s job to be sure the message made it to all parents.
  • Also, the date of the next club meeting should be shared with all parents, and an invitation to attend extended. Either the coach or team manager is expected to attend each meeting, unless another parent volunteers to attend.
  • Any extra information needed to register for a tournament must be collected by the team manager.

  • Make sure parents know what the fees will be and collect the checks by a deadline. Turn the checks into the club. If there are any questions, the team manager should contact the club treasurer.
  • In the event that there is a scheduling conflict, the team manage must tally up the number of players available for a game as soon as possible. The coach must be notified if there is the likelihood of an insufficient number of players so a game may be re-scheduled. (Too short-notice forces a forfeit and a penalty is charged against the club).
  • Be sure each parent is aware of the Code of Conduct  of the club. It is posted on the website.